July To – Do

Hello July! Last month has actually flown by and it’s just becoming a bit ridiculous how fast the whole year has gone – feel like I’m going to blink and it’s going to be Christmas. In last months ‘to do’ post, I said I was going to fake tan more because I just feel so … More July To – Do

New Job Nerves

Happy Sunday everyone! A lot is changing around here because I start my new job tomorrow (eeek). I think it would be weird if I wasn’t nervous, but it still doesn’t make me feel any better to think ‘oh everyone feels like this’. So here I am, writing this post with my first day outfit … More New Job Nerves

June Primark Haul

I’m here again with another clothes post (sorry) but I’ve been panic buying a LOT recently. It’s suddenly got very hot in England and I had a panic that I don’t have any clothes for it. I mean, this is probably a lie and I do have clothes, but I was missing things like summer … More June Primark Haul

4 Birthday Outfits

So, as you may be aware it’s been my birthday this week and yes, I do like to celebrate for as long as possible. Birthdays are such a great excuse to eat as much food as you can, drink prosecco and get dressed up in your favourite clothes. This was my first birthday which I … More 4 Birthday Outfits


  Hello, me again. I am scrapping the blog schedule this week and posting twice in two days. I know, crazy. But as you can probably guess, today is my 22nd birthday! Hooray. I’ve now waved goodbye to my 21st year and I’m moving into 22 with lots of exciting things happening including a new … More 22

Bedroom Details

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time sorting through my bedroom since I’ll be moving back home fully in 2 weeks and starting my job in less than 3 (yes, I’m scared). I’ve spent 3/4 years in Uni bedrooms that just include bare walls, 3 pieces of furniture that are falling apart and a … More Bedroom Details