June Primark Haul

I’m here again with another clothes post (sorry) but I’ve been panic buying a LOT recently. It’s suddenly got very hot in England and I had a panic that I don’t have any clothes for it. I mean, this is probably a lie and I do have clothes, but I was missing things like summer trousers, tops and dresses. So I dragged my mum to the Primark at Medowhall which has recently been done up and it is amazing. They’ve extended into what used to be BHS, so it’s absolutely huge and so well organised.

I went in, full of energy and bouncing around picking up everything and left feeling like a defeated hot mess who was absolutely knackered. Anyone else feel like that once they’ve left Primark? It’s actually exhausting (first world problems).

L: Navy button top £5 | Mom jeans £15 | Slippers £4

R: Cream button top £5 | Green linen trousers £10

I’ve been on the hunt for ‘mom’ jeans for probably a year now. I had just given up and decided I just had a body shape that wouldn’t suit them. I then saw these in primark and thought I’d give them a go.  These are perfect, they fit SO well and for £15, it was a no brainer. Now, I didn’t think the outfit on the left needed slippers but I was wearing them when I wore this outfit around the house and I did get them from primark so here they are. The two tops are just little cropped button tops which are so handy to wear with jeans, shorts, skirts, basically just everything.

Green flower print dress, £10 | Striped midi dress, £13 |Blue polka dot dress, £10

Primark have definitely upped their game when it comes to dresses. I wore the striped midi-dress to my boyfriends family party and it was really comfortable and I’ve had loads of compliments on it. The other two dresses are simple wrap dresses which I find to be so comfortable (seeing a theme?) and flattering. They might even be good for work if the weather stays this nice.


Round rose gold sunglasses, £3

Last thing I wanted to show you were these sunglasses. Rayban need to step aside with their ridiculous price tag because these ones from primark pretty much exactly what I wanted. I’ve tried on loads of circle sunglasses which made me feel like one of the three blind mice – but not these. They’re such a good size and they only cost £3 so if they get broken in your bag, it’s not the end of the world.

I am such a huge fan of  Primark and although it’s tiring, it is worth spending a few hours wandering around the whole shop because you can find some gems!

Thanks for reading xx


24 thoughts on “June Primark Haul

  1. I feel the same with Primark – the store is an absolute mess and it is always so busy, which is even worse in this heat we are currently experiencing. They are really good for lightweight summer clothes though so I guess worth the struggle? xx

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  2. I love this post- in the past I would never have believed that items like that were from Primark, but I really think that clothing is improving from there! Those dresses are particularly gorgeous, I can’t wait to go to Primark this summer now 🙂

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    1. It’s definitely one of my favourite dresses – I had to buy it in 2 sizes too small for me because they were running low on sizes so I hope you can find it! x


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