4 Birthday Outfits

So, as you may be aware it’s been my birthday this week and yes, I do like to celebrate for as long as possible. Birthdays are such a great excuse to eat as much food as you can, drink prosecco and get dressed up in your favourite clothes.

This was my first birthday which I spent at work and I can’t say I loved it. Whenever I had birthdays at school, it was still so much fun because you got to see your friends all day, eat cake at lunchtime and carry around birthday balloons all day. Working in the job I do, I don’t have an office where everyone is everyday and I can go weeks without seeing some of my colleagues. I was even tempted to wear a birthday badge so that the schools I went to knew it was my birthday (can you tell I like everyone to know ‘hello yes today is my birthday thank uuuuuuu’). BUT, I’m not complaining – I had a lovely morning opening some presents and went to Miller & Carter with my boyfriend for some amazing food, win.

I can’t really believe I’m 22, I still feel like I can relate to 16 year olds doing GCSEs when actually, that was now 6 years ago?! A 22 year old is someone who has their life together, knows exactly what they’re going to do and has a plan. I do not feel like that person, I still feel like I’m winging my way through life hoping for the best.

Anyyyyyyway, I’ve been really enjoying sharing more outfit posts on my Instagram – which is here if you want to have a cheeky look. Now, I’m not claiming to be a ‘fashion’ person, because I’m really not. But if you are interested in what a very normal girl wears during her birthday celebrations, you’re in the right place.

Saturday 16th – Family Garden Party

Primark Dress | Monsoon Sandles | Matalan Denim Jacket (from about 7 years ago)

Sunday 17th – Exploring Durham & Brunchin

Primark ‘just peachy’ top | Primark Jeans | Monsoon Sandles

Monday 18th – Birthday Meal @ Miller & Carter

Dorothy Perkins Jumpsuit

Saturday 23rd – Family day

Primark Dress | Next Shoes

Hope you’ve all had a great week – thanks for reading! xx


29 thoughts on “4 Birthday Outfits

  1. Love all your outfits! And I totally know what you mean about still being able to relate to a 16 year old haha. I’m 21 and still have to stop and think about my age when people ask because I still feel like a teen and forget I am actually 21 hahaha!


  2. I love your style! I’m obsessed with the dress and how flattering it looks! And THAT GINGHAM SHIRT OH MY GOD. I’ve been on the hunt for a good gingham top and this is inspiring me. You should definitely class yourself as a fashionista because you have amazing style!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh thank you so much!! It’s actually a jumpsuit which is even better because it’s all one outfit 🙌 Hahah I just go for what I like and what’s the most comfortable really 😂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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