Hello, me again.

I am scrapping the blog schedule this week and posting twice in two days. I know, crazy. But as you can probably guess, today is my 22nd birthday! Hooray. I’ve now waved goodbye to my 21st year and I’m moving into 22 with lots of exciting things happening including a new job and a holiday with my mumma.

Unfortunately, my birthday has fallen on a dreaded Monday, but I’m determined to make this a great day. I’ve had my favourite lunch from M&S and I even  treated myself to a costa coffee at lunch, definitely pushing the boat out. It’s not all bad though, I’ve taken this excuse to extended the birthday celebrations out for a whole week. I’ve spent the weekend celebrating about 4 different birthdays with my boyfriends family and then wandering around Durham, seeking out breakfast to cure our hangover. After work is finished on Wednesday, I get to go home and celebrate with my family.

I thought I’d celebrate my 22nd birthday by sharing 22 things that have brought me happiness this past year:

  1. I got the courage to start and actually keep up with this blog
  2. My sisters magical wedding in December
  3. I graduated with a 1st class degree in Psychology
  4. I had the best holiday of my life in Menorca with my favourite people
  5. Exploring the Christmas markets in Newcastle
  6. Family holiday to Bournemouth
  7. Spending time by the sea
  8. I went to Durham Lumineer for the first time
  9. Starting my first proper job as an assistant educational psychologist
  10. Seeing my niece and nephews grow up and just become the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen (not biased)
  11. Getting our bathroom done so I can have baths fit for a queen (and instagram)
  12. Meeting new babies in the family, including twins!
  13. Celebrating 3 years with my boyfriend in Langley Castle
  14. Discovering my favourite coffee shop in Newcastle, Flat Caps Coffee
  15. My sisters hen do in Centre Parcs
  16. Dressing all fancy and celebrating one of my best friends 21st with my favourite girls (hi Anna)
  17. My boyfriend bringing me coffee and breakfast in the morning before work (sometimes)
  18. Decorating my bedroom and making it the cosiest place on earth – in my opinion –
  19. Having morning coffee meetings with my mum and sister
  20. Spending New Years drinking and playing games with some of my favourite people
  21. Getting a new car which I still can’t believe is mine, even a year later
  22. Finally going to counselling and trying to work on my anxiety

There we have it. I’ve actually had an amazing year filled with so many things I’ll always remember. 22 has got some big shoes to fill. Right now, I’ve finished my day at work and I’m off to Miller and Carter to stuff my face with food x


25 thoughts on “22

    1. Thank you so much!! It’s definitely a weird feeling, I feel like there’s a lot of pressure to have your life together by 22 when really, I still have no idea whats going on ahaha! xx

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  1. Happy late birthday! I love this idea of sharing your accomplishments to celebrate your next year of life because you did THAT!! You are living your best life and thriving and you should be so proud! I loved this post!

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    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I like the idea of having this to look back on so I don’t forget any of my favourite things that have happened in the year xx


  2. It sounds like you have had such a good year, here’s to an even better one with 22! Good luck with the counselling, I find it really helpful for me personally but you do have to stick with it. xx

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