5 Ways I Want To Be Like My Dad

Happy Fathers Day! To all the dad’s, mum’s that fill both roles, step-dad’s and any dad’s that aren’t with us. I like to keep my posts personal and true to my life, so today I thought I’d share with you 5 ways I want to be like my dad. It’s a bit soppy, I know, but it’s nice to share with you the traits I admire the most in my dad, especially today. I’m going to keep it short and sweet so I won’t ramble on too much, mainly because I’m writing this post from a coffee shop hungover in Durham.

JPEG image-ED3D63ECC508-4.jpeg

01. Hardworking

My dad is one of the most hardworking people I’ve ever known. He’s really shown me how hard-work pays off throughout my life. He’s always worked so hard to give us an amazing life which meant working endless hours, getting up at 5am and getting home at 8pm.

02. Organised

My dad’s office is definitely something to be admired (and jealous of).  He has every important document filed away in his office, all labelled and divided up into sections so he knows where everything is. I always want to be as organised as I can and my love for stationary definitely comes from him.

03. Generous

He is so generous with every single thing he has. He will always offer his time and effort selflessly to help anyone and he will always put other people’s happiness above his own.

04. Confident

I worry about things a ridiculous amount and I’m constantly overthinking every situation. I’ve always admired how calm and confident my dad is and how he takes everything in his stride, whereas I’m having a mini panic attack in the corner. I remember when he was driving through Sheffield city centre and he was in the wrong lane, I was the one having a paddy in the passenger seat panicking that he wouldn’t have time to move over …whereas he was calm as anything, obviously.

05. Inspirational

My dad’s built us all an amazing life and everything he does is for our family. He’s just everything and I admire him so much ♥

JPEG image-ED3D63ECC508-3.jpeg

Hope you enjoyed this soppy post and enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Thanks for reading! xx


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