Bedroom Details

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time sorting through my bedroom since I’ll be moving back home fully in 2 weeks and starting my job in less than 3 (yes, I’m scared).

I’ve spent 3/4 years in Uni bedrooms that just include bare walls, 3 pieces of furniture that are falling apart and a hint of mould. It’s so nice to be in my own bedroom now with all my things in one place and I can decorate it how I like.

Today I thought I’d not ramble on too much and just share some little details in my bedroom that I really love.

Dressing Table

I’ve recently bought this ikea woven basket tray for my dressing table and I love what it’s done for my desk. Before I was struggling to organise things and find a place for them without it looking messy and cluttered. By putting it all in a tray, it makes it look so much neater and keeps everything in one place.

Bedside Table


I have a constant struggle to try and keep my bedside table clear and not be tempted to just shove everything in the top draw every night. I’ll usually end up with nail varnish pots, cotton wool pads, multiple cups and mugs on there by the end of the night. But anyway, I said I wouldn’t ramble so I’m going to stop – my favourite things are these lamps I have on my bedside tables – which are from dunelm.

“Always Kiss Me Goodnight” Sign 


This sign has actually been three different colours in it’s long life. This was actually my sisters to start with (sorry Hannah) and it was originally red writing with red ribbon. I’ve then painted and re-painted the writing blue and then grey and just changed the ribbon to match my bedroom colour scheme. I’ve had a few people notice this in the background of my instagrams but we actually got it from a lady in my village yeeeeeears ago. But they do similar ones on Etsy if you’re wanting to have a look.

Hope you enjoyed this quick post on a few of my favourite details in my room! Thanks for reading xx


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